Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Homeschoolers, Vote for McHilarBamaBee

Guest Writer: OldSage

I voted in the Ohio Primary the other day. I have to admit, all of the choices scare the hell out of me. But there is a little bit of each that would make one really good candidate.

Someone once said that getting homeschoolers to come together is like herding cats. They're right, but in this election, just to show our presence, I think we need to come together to vote for the candidate McHilarBamaBee.

Mc is for all the homeschoolers who need to vote for old white guys for president. As we know, old white guys like to go to war and they like to piss off the rest of the world by making the average American look like essence they portray. To understand how this might feel, imagine that you are homeschooling for purely academic reasons and people always assume you're a religious fanatic.

Hilar is for all the homeschoolers who prefer that the thinking be done for them. This one has it all worked out for so you won't have to do a thing because the village is there to help. Hand yourselves over to the village and they'll handle things.

Bama is for all the homeschoolers who embrace hope. Hope that the village won't take all of your money to level the playing field. Hope that maybe the village would quit thinking for us. Hope that the village will just leave us alone. Hope that we'll finally support the troops and bring them home. Hope that the world will see that we don't always need an old white guy at the helm. Hope that the world will see us as progressive because we voted for a black man instead of a white woman or an old white man.

Bee is for all the thrifty homeschoolers who like to keep their money. A 23% flat tax is about the best idea any of them have. When you get right down to it's a real deal. If you add up what gets taken as tax from you on your income (15%-35%), what gets taken from you in sales taxes, as high as 7% some places, what gets taken from you in property taxes , as high as 20% in some areas, 15% tax that gets taken from you on anything you might make in interest on savings, 15%-35% tax that gets taken from you on any capital gains you might manage to wangle, you're getting quite a deal with a 23% flat tax. Not to mention, the original income tax imposed on us was unconstitutional to begin with. But nothing short of another tea pary will remedy that.

The candidate McHilarBamaBee is the one for homeschoolers I am sure of it.

See you next time.

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