Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Good Resource for Homeschooling Families

When my student was in Elementary school and even into middle school we enjoyed using Joy Hakim's A History of US: (10-Volume set (A History of Us)) as a springboard to many adventures into our United States History studies. Today the Washington Post reports that another book is available in The "Story of Science" series by Joy Hakim:

Author Reinvents Science Textbooks as Lively Fun Narratives
by Valarie Strauss

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday January 28, 2008

The "Story of Science" series by Joy Hakim tells the history of science with wit, narrative depth and research, all vetted by specialists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first book is "Aristotle Leads the Way," the second is "Newton at the Center" and the third is "Einstein Adds a New Dimension." The series, which has drawn acclaim, chronicles not only great discoveries but also the scientists who made them.

We can't wait to have a look at the newest one!