Monday, September 18, 2006

The Eclectic Telegraph

Welcome to the Eclectic Telegraph, ideas about homeschooling your kids....

Why this Newsletter?
Amy Cortez - Editor Eclectic Telegraph
As a homeschool mom, who once had a career that involved management and travel, I recognize that even though my current job is a daunting one, there is still more I can fit into a day.

Every day I learn something new about homeschooling a bright kid and I thought it was time to share some of those pearls beyond our website. Sure, yeah, yeah, I am writing that book and it is coming along nicely, it’s just more fun to go to the museum or the Omnimax or the river to kayak than it is to pay attention to the flow of a book. So why not a newsletter? I have edited a few over the years. They’re fun.

People have asked so many questions because of the information I make public at our website, and always make the comment I ought to write a newsletter. So here it is. Our first online newsletter. You will find that my style is very conservative some days and very liberal on others. Depends on the issue I suppose. I figure, that eventually, I'll either please or offend - everyone.

I chose the name "The Eclectic Telegraph" because it reminds me of the "Coconut Telegraph", a song by Jimmy Buffett, but also the name of several Newspapers actually found in the Caribbean. Though I don't intend this newsletter to model either items, it is still fun to think about those items (and places) as write this newsletter. I chose "Eclectic" because that is really what our homeschool is and my journey has become. Life as a homeschooler and in constant daily contact with a highly gifted student brings an energy I can't explain, yet drains me; makes me think about things in a new way, yet causes me to stick with tried and true methods; makes me strive for accomplishing all the tasks I need to, yet causes me to think forward to the time my student will go to bed and I can have a cup of tea and listen to Jimmy Buffet in peace and quiet. Eclectic. That's the description of the path I am enjoying on my journey right now. Eclectic is also our homeschool "style". We do what works. We dig in the dirt or the beach sand, we kayak on rivers, we read, we travel.

I also gave thought to the timing of this newsletter. I receive the newsletter from my local support group on or around the first of the month and most of my other magazines come then too, so I thought that must be true for everyone, so by mid month people might be looking for a fresh read, maybe something Eclectic.

This Month:

  • Articles About Educating Bright Kids at Home
  • Are Your School Records Private?
  • The Java House -- radical opinions about whatever, from OldSage
  • Who is OldSage?
  • “Are you Kidding Me”
  • Glad We're Not Going Back to School
  • Why Our Teens Don't Have an Interest in Our Government
  • Demanding Your Privacy: An Ongoing Saga of Passing the Buck
  • Homeschooling Teens
  • What is the difference between Regular Honors classes, AP classes and the International Baccalaureate (IB)?
  • Are You a Helicopter Parent?
  • How Does One Decide Which Colleges to Apply to?
  • Not Homeschooling Teens
  • Does This School Have Windows?
  • Microsoft-Designed School Opens
  • Academy for Profoundly Opens in Las Vegas
  • September Opportunities & Events
  • Our BlogSphere
  • A Listing of Awesome Websites
  • A Listing of Good Podcasts and Other Audio Samplings
  • Our Favorite - Odd Trivia
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